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Welcome to the SOUTH SIDE RIDERS MC website. If you believe in Strength through Loyalty, then you too could be a SOUTH SIDE RIDER. As a motorcycle club we believe the highway is where the dreams begin. The goal as a SOUTH SIDE RIDER is to find a new road to ride each year. IT'S TIME TO  A PART OF A TRUE BROTHERHOOD!!!!



                                                                                          National Prez & Founder 
                                                                                                                 " The Legend Patbox







 Why the South Side Riders MC?




1. Southside is a MC club.


2. If you're tired of the same old speeding around town going no where.

3. If the only time you get to enjoy other bikes is when you go to bike night.

4. If you have never been out your city limits on your bike or you never been on a bike trip.

5. If you want to be around other people that understand your need for the riding.

6. If you're looking for an adult club to join.

7. Last everyone loves the South Side Riders MC.











We updated our Cuts for 2015, SSR is no longer a 2 piece patch club!!!

We are now wearing a 3 piece patch. SouthSide is the same club with a new look. SSR4LIFE!!!




Where can you find us?

Facebook  ,  Twitter  &  Youtube